Life as a DC Intern by Madi Biedermann

My time working in DC has been exciting, challenging, and most importantly new. I had participated in various internships before coming to DC, and nothing has compared to working on the Hill for the office of U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Everything on the Hill feels so important – every paper I file, phone call I answer, and memo I write ultimately benefits the Senator in some way. While it may be important, work can be tedious at times. But even tedious tasks feel impactful when I explain to the constituent the Senator’s efforts for the state of Utah. And the long errands are not too bad when I get to walk by the Supreme Court on the way to the office. My work in DC feels like it is making a difference, and that has made my experience so much more fun.

Another great part about being an intern in DC is how much fun it is. There are so many college students in DC doing internships and taking classes, and I have gotten to meet people from all over the world. I have loved getting to know other interns on the Hill through networking events and meeting people in the Senate cafeteria. Everyone is close to my age and so excited to be here, which makes it a fun atmosphere to work in. Even though I am working a lot and taking classes, I have managed to find a lot of time to explore with new friends and try all the trendy brunch places.

My experience in DC has changed the way I look at my future. It used to be this big, scary, looming thing, and now I am kind of excited for it. I cannot wait to finish school and get back out to DC and start working. Though it may sound cheesy and cliché, DC really is the place you want to be if you have an interest in politics or law or planning. I am so glad I took a risk and chose to be in DC for a semester.

Biedermann_Photo 3

More about Madi:

Major: Policy, Planning, and Development (Track: Public Policy and Law)

Favorite class and why: “Disruption of the Legislative Process” because I got to hear from highly respected DC professionals about their experience in Washington and how politics affects what they do every day.

Favorite thing about DC: Everyone talks about politics 24/7 which is my favorite thing to talk about.

What has surprised you about DC?  It’s smaller than I thought! I always imagined DC as a big city because everyone complains about traffic and how crowded it is, but the city itself is really small and easy to get around.

What do you hope to accomplish before leaving DC?  Making connections with both professionals and friends who I can stay in contact with and learn from!




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